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Keeping Your Artificial Lawn Looking Great


When you have a dog, you should have to worry about your garden getting scratched all the time. But when you use artificial turf, you can maintain it with much ease. You won’t have to struggle with lawnmowers and other maintenance costs.

However, having artificial grass is not enough. You will need to maintain it well. They face the same wear and tear issues regular lawns go through. For this reason, you will need artificial lawn suppliers who can help you in maintaining and keeping the grass as clean as possible.

It is not difficult, and it is not a must to do it very often. The most essential thing is to buy the right supplies. Maintain your artificial grass involves the following.



Artificial grass needs to stand just like the natural grass. It is essential to keep the grass that way. It may be long before the grass is entirely flattened. But when you have pets like dogs or even children jumping up and down on it, you will need to keep them brushed all the time.

Sometimes placing heavy things on the grass, for instance, heavy table, they may flatten the green as well.

Even this does not affect the grass. Old age is another factor you will have to deal with. As year go by, the bristles become weak. This is why you will need to keep the grass brushed at all times.

By raking or brushing, you will be redistributing the blades, keeping the fibers upright makes the grass to last longer.

How to rinse


Rain is the best cleaner for artificial grass. If you know that you are in an area where rainfall is regular, then you can always let the rain help you with the cleaning.

Even those who live in the dry region will need to give their grass some boost from time to time. You need to water the faux from time to time to get out the pet waste. Dogs and artificial turf are very friendly, which is why you don’t want to keep all that rubbish lying all around it.

Things like pet urine and poop may be a disaster to the smell of your home. This is why rinsing makes your grass more usable.

Removing debris


According to the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers, organic material on the surface of the grass may decompose and cause problems to your lawn. Chances of getting a lot of dropping from birds and squirrels are very high.

To remove them, avoid using the lower blower.

For those who live in a place with high winter, they do not have to worry about damage caused by snow. You need to let the snow melt away itself. It is not a good idea to get the snow off manually.

How to control weeds


The best part about artificial grass is that you don’t have to worry about weed. That is why many dog owners prefer using such grass. If any, there may be so few that you only need to pull it out.

Use the tips shared above to keep your grass in check. Just ensure you go easy on it. Sometimes it is easier just to let the rain do the cleaning.